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Simplifying Hardware Virtualization for Twin Cities Businesses

Hardware Virtualization

Be it some type of event that requires a full data restore, or a hardware upgrade - software configuration can be a costly and time consuming nightmare for your organization. Rolltex Computers is your expert source for moving or reinstalling software on new or different hardware.

Referred to as hardware virtualization, our engineers install a virtual machine manager (VMM), which enables software to run on virtual representations of a computing system rather than physical processors, memory, storage, chipsets, drivers, etc. This helps separate and secure individual systems and will largely improve a system's utilization and efficiency. Hardware virtualization also supports system consolidation, flexibility related to application deployment and protection, and will aid in the reduction of servers and power consumption in enterprise data centers.

The Rolltex Difference

Custom Fit For Any Size Organization

Whether you're an international enterprise, or a local organization, we have experience with all sizes of operations and will deliver hardware virtualization that fits your exact requirements. Our virtualization services are ideal for server and client applications.

High Availability Environments

We leverage hardware virtualization to produce a high availability environment for customers with quick site recovery options to ensure you aways have access to your resources when you need them.

Broad Virtualization Experience

Our experience is not limited to Vmware or Microsoft. We work with all types of commercially available virtualization softwares, and will not push our customers to use one vendor over another. Instead, we select the right vendor and software for each client based on their unique budget and requirements.

Advanced Disaster Recovery

Through hardware virtualization, we offer customers advanced disaster recovery options and automatic fail over of virtual environments from one site to another. No matter what events occur inside or outside your organization's walls - Rolltex Computers has you covered.

Strong Vendor Relationships

We have been working with Vmware since their inception in 1998 and have built a lasting relationship with them over the span of 18 years! This and other long-term vendor relationships hugely benefit our customers because we know the software, we know the people behind the software and we are able to deploy these softwares with seamless precision and support.

Versatile Hardware Virtualization

We use hardware virtualization in many different capacities and settings depending on what makes good business sense and what will best support your organization.

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