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Email and Web Security Services Twin Cities Businesses Can Depend On

Email & Web Security

Rolltex Computers is the premier choice for email and web hosting security in the Twin Cities. Every day, we help businesses in the Twin Cities metro area protect their employees, customers, network and intellectual property from all types of threats, including known bad URLs, hidden attacks, blended threats and spyware.

Email is one of the most common entry points for data breaches. To prevent attacks, we offer enterprise-grade cloud mail security that makes protecting and managing email in the cloud a simple and seamless endeavor. Our suite of cloud mail security services includes:

Every web connection within your organization also acts as an open doorway for cybercriminals. To safeguard our customers, we offer web hosting security that protects users on- and off-network. Our security services are always up to date, and capable of delivering detailed usage reports by user or group. We also provide control over hundreds of online medias (including social medias) to help keep your employees protected and productive.

The Rolltex Difference

All-in-One Cloud-Based Email & Web Filtering

We make filtering easy using best practices and comprehensive security policies managed by our security experts. This allows you to focus on other business priorities.

Easy Management

Manage mail protection and archive services from any computer or mobile device and get detail reports by user or group to stay informed.

Comprehensive Security Policies

Benefit from our detailed security policies for email and web filtering protection for all users from any location.

Simple Setup

Our web security is easy to set up and provision for any size business in any industry. We will assist with creating a security policy that meets your objectives. We also don't require expensive upfront investments in network security devices and subscriptions.

Leverage Sandbox Technologies

We offer security mechanisms that create secure off-site environments to test questionable email attachments and web downloads for the highest level of protection against unknown threats.


We customize solutions to ensure they fit your exact security needs and will provide several solutions from which to choose depending on your organization's objectives and security budget.

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